Local Store


This document assumes you have already read the Quick Start guide.

As we discussed in the Quick Start guide Flask-Store uses the flask_store.providers.local.LocalProvidder class as the default provider and here we will discuss some of the more advanced concepts of this store provider.


This is the default provider but if you wish to be explicit (+1) then simply set the following in your application configuration:



The following configuration variables are available for you to customise.

Name Example Value
STORE_PATH /somewhere/on/disk
This tells Flask-Store where to save uploaded files too. For this provider it must be an absolute path to a location on disk you have permission to write too. If the directory does not exist the provider will attempt to create the directory
Used to generate the URL for the uploaded file. The LocalStore will automatically register a route with your Flask application so the file can be accessed. Do not place domains in the path prefix.